Play Slot Games for Real Money: The Best Online Slot Casino Sites 2020

Online slots sites are the number one way to play online slot games, and it’s the easiest and a great way to earn money with little or no work involved. Some of the best online slots sites have free trial periods that allow you to use the slots for absolutely free; then, you can either try the slots out or try a payment method to gain access to the full game.

Find out here, which is the best real money slot game casino! For our test, we have always convinced ourselves of the seriousness of the providers.

Only then we have taken a closer look at the slot game selection of online slot casinos. Besides, we checked the customer service and tried out the mobile app.

Finally, the bonus plays a vital role in the overall evaluation. Only those who score points in all categories are recommendable providers for us, where you can play online slots for real money in a safe, secure, and fairway.


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Furthermore, we will give you concrete tips and tricks so that you will be optimally prepared to sit down at the real money slots.

We will explain to you about slot machine fraud as well as the security of the offered payment methods. We’ll also show you where you can try out the online slots for free before you feed the machines with real money.

The criteria of the best sites for slot games

It is difficult to avoid fraud on online casino sites if you do not know what to look for. Therefore, we have here at all major online casino providers tested so that you do not fall victim to dubious providers.

We have taken a closer look at the best in the market, which, in addition to excellent customer service and all licenses, are also regulated and certified to enjoy your online casino experience comfortably.

Manipulated slot machine games

Many people have concerns when it comes to playing online slots. Often there is a belief that the machines are tampered with or not as trustworthy as real money slot machines in land-based casinos.

But in general, it can be said that both the slot machines and online casino providers are now much more regulated than before.

There are questions as to whether the slot machines will pay out as often for smaller amounts. Or also the question of when precisely a payout can be expected for a slot. How you can find out more about the slot game you are currently playing, we explain to you in the following.

Slots Fraud: these are the scams

Many often rely on the RNG values of online slots that are always reasonably designed. However, if a third party has not control this, it is tough to say whether the individual spins are as random as assumed. Or whether something has already been changed on the machines before.

So before you put money into any slot casino site, you should make sure that the site is entirely transparent and the provider and the software offered. To do this, you can check if the site is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

gambling commission

The MGA is responsible for making sure that the provider and the site’s providers comply with all requirements. A provider will only be granted a license if it meets various criteria and has also been rechecked by certain third parties.

Especially the license from Malta is one of the most prestigious grants that an online casino can have and is also permitted in Canada. As soon as an online casino has this license, you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable provider.

So before you put money into any slot casino site, you should make sure that the site is entirely transparent and the provider and the software offered. To do this, you can check if the site is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Tests games with the highest RTP rates

Unfortunately, one hears many different experiences from people who have lost their winnings or experienced a problem with the payouts.

The providers we have tested are the best currently available on the market and are licensed by the most prestigious authorities in the online gaming industry. They have also been tested by third parties, including eCOGRA, iTechLabs, and others, to ensure that fraud on the sites is impossible.

These companies are responsible for monitoring statistics regarding Return To Player (RTP), the payout rate of each machine.

This tells you how much you can expect to win over a specified period. For example, an RTP value of 100% would mean that every single cent thrown into the machine would be returned to the player.

The closer the RTP value is to 100%, the less money you would lose at a slot game over a given period. This number is usually given in the help section of the slot itself, where you can also find more information about the volatility of the machine.

Below is a list of the slots with the highest payout rates. You can find more details here if you would like to know more about slots and how to protect yourself against the manipulation of casino games.

Mega Joker99.0%CasinoEuroPLAY NOW
Blood Suckers98.0%KarambaPLAY NOW
Big Bad Wolf97.35%CasinoEuroPLAY NOW
Jack Hammer 297.10%LapalingoPLAY NOW
Reel rush97.01%KarambaPLAY NOW

Secure payment methods when you play the machine for real money

Once you have chosen one of our secure and verified providers where you can play for real money, you will usually need to register with the provider and deposit money to play the real money slots.

Each online casino will provide you with a slightly different selection of deposit methods to make your first deposit. The most common ones are bank transfers and credit cards. However, as time goes by, eWallets such as PayPal are becoming more and more popular as a payment option, partly because these methods are becoming more popular and more secure.

If you want to deposit money into your online casino account, you usually do not need to provide any other personal information—usually your e-mail address from your PayPal account and the corresponding password.

If you now want to withdraw money from your online casino account, you must provide your personal information to the provider. This is done by sharing documents with the provider, such as bills or your driver’s license.

This will also ensure that you are a player for over 18 years. You must disclose your real information. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw money from your online casino account. This is all done to ensure your safety and prevent others from accessing your account.

Technical safety

If you are skeptical because you need to give the provider your personal information, we can understand. However, it is essential and essential to do so.

The good news is that every single page we suggest you visit will keep your information safe. Because they all use the latest encryption technology, if you take a look at the address bar of the website within your web browser, you will notice a small lock.

This means that the site runs over a secure SSL encryption. This is again, an essential factor that the site must provide to be considered a trusted provider. And usually, a certificate is displayed at the bottom of the page by the provider itself. You can also see what kind of encryption it is by clicking on the lock symbol in your web browser.


Try out many secure online slots for free.

Now, if you are not sure where to find all the essential information of a provider, it can be difficult. Fortunately, we are experts in taking a closer look at online casinos.

To make it even easier for you to find the perfect provider, we have listed the top slot casino sites with all the essential technical details that guarantee you a safe gaming experience on the website.

If you are still unsure which online casino, you can safely try out the different slots without fraud or manipulation, here is a list of the most popular slots game software provided.

These demo versions correspond 1:1 to the original real money version, and there are no changes whatsoever in the play money version in terms of winning probability, payouts, or free spins/bonus games.

4 × 4Gorilla
5 Reel DriveHellboy
7 oceansHitman
AmazoniaIce hockey
Arabian NightsInferno
Battlestar GalacticaJoker’s cap
BeachJurassic Park
Book of RaKatana
Book of Ra deluxeKing of Luck
Break there bankLord of the Ocean
BubblesMega Fortune
ChicagoMega Moolah
CleopatraPink Panther
El ToreroPlayboy
ExcaliburRobin Hood
Extra gameSouth Park
Eye of HorusStarburst
FistTornado: Farm Escape
FruitinatorTriple chance
Ghost sliderVictorious

All these games can be tried out for as long as you like. Should the play money have been used up, you can simply restart the game or simply reload the page. Once you feel ready to play for real money, you will find a safe and reputable casino provider where you can win real money.

Other features of the leading online slot sites

Now that you know how to identify a secure online casino, here is a more fun criterion for the actual game selection of the provider.

There are 1000 different online slots, all of which were brought to market by different manufacturers with different qualities.

To decide for one of them can sometimes be a bit difficult. You can also take a look at the mobile gaming platform of the provider, or take a closer look at their welcome bonus and customer service.

The preferences are different for every player, so everyone puts more emphasis on various aspects. In the next section of the site, we will help you find the best provider for your specific slot machine needs.

The slot machines selection

You can take a closer look at the selection of slots so that you have made sure that you are with a reputable provider.

Even though some people believe that all slot machines are the same, we know that there are different ways for slots to differ. Some players prefer classic titles, while others may find possible free spins, bonus games and special features within a slot attractive.

It should be said that the best slot game sites offer a wide selection of all kinds of slots, so there is something for everyone. Different types that are available at slot machines are:

  • Classic Slots: – Classic slots usually consist of three reels and three rows, and in most cases, only offer you the opportunity to dust off winnings with each spin. There are no additional features here, and fruit symbols are often featured thematically.
  • Bonus Slots: – These are usually not ordinary slot games, as they often include a bonus feature that can be unlocked during the game. This is often done by matching wild or scatter combinations. In the bonus games, you can win either money or additional free spins.
  • Jackpot Slots: – Here, there is a progressive jackpot in the machine, which is fed with each spin around the world again and again. Thus, the jackpot increases steadily. These slots are top-rated with players who are looking for a high profit.

Casino sites and the company behind them

Where do all the slot machines come from, and why are so many of them available on so many different sites? A valid question with a simple answer: casinos themselves do not usually develop their games, relying instead on creative portfolios from the world’s most respected casino game developers.

There are already a number of them on the market, each with its unique recognition value. The different versions of the slot games are always aimed at the tastes of different players and usually differ in their design, sound or theme. Thus, they typically achieve their very own recognition value. To the leading slot machine manufacturers belong:

  • Microgaming
  • PlayTech
  • NovoMatic

Uses only the best mobile slot sites

Gone are the days when you could only play in online casinos on the PC. Now you can be a flexible and practical mobile with an online casino app to access the online slots and be in excellent quality. Good news for all slot players: Since online slot machines make up the majority of online casinos, most slots are also available in a mobile app.

Mobile sites and apps indeed provide fewer games than if you access the online casino from your PC. But more and more manufacturers are focusing on players who want a casino experience on the go.

Many of the manufacturers are now developing new slots in such a way that they would be easy to play in the mobile version from the outset.

They are also immediately optimized for mobile devices. So you should have no problems finding good slots, no matter what device you use.

In the following table, you can see some details about the best providers in the mobile version. Especially with these slot players get their money’s worth.


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Get 200% Bonus Up To £300
+ 25 Free Spins


Slot Sites Welcome Bonus

To attract new players, providers allow you to take advantage of different welcome packages. These often consist of bonus money or free spins, which you can use at selected real money slots.

It is often worthwhile to take a look at the bonus offers of the slot machines casinos, especially if you are looking for a new provider. Most are designed to give you a deposit match bonus.

It recognizes the money you have deposited and differentiates it from the provider’s bonus money. Both are managed in separate accounts. Once you have wagered the bonus amount a few times, all winnings will be transferred to your real money account and can be withdrawn from that account.

The free spins point, which often comes with the bonus, is much more relevant to the slots players among you. These usually apply to specific slots where you can claim them. Most of the time, this part of the offer is even more rewarding than the bonus itself.

100% to1000 € 30x 100% PLAY NOW 
100% up to€ 750 30x 100% slot machines and scratch cards PLAY NOW 
100% up to€ 600+ 200 free spins 25x 100% PLAY NOW 
200% up to€ 500 35x 100% PLAY NOW 
100% up to€ 500+ 70 free spins 30x Slots only 100% PLAY NOW 

Try out the games in the free version.

At most casinos, you can play the slot games online and test them in a free demo version. This way, you can find out if you like a slot before you play it for real money. This way, you can get a taste of the actual gaming experience and get credit for your account. Of course, you will not be paid out any winnings.

This way, you can try out different features that are given to you in the slot machine: These include the free spins and the bonus games. Many slots are worth trying out. And you can try them as long as you want. Even if you run out of credits on the demo version, you can simply reload the site and start over again. So you get the same fun factor without having to take a high risk.

Customer service

One of the problems that can occur is that a casino may not pay out your winnings for whatever reason. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that you always have reliable customer service available.

It can still happen that the customer service of an online casino does not respond, which can result in the fact that you do not get your money, which is rightfully yours.

It takes a lot of trusts to deposit your own money at an online casino. That is why it is also crucial to clarify such things before and see whether the provider is reliable and trustworthy and that you can provide a contact person for problems.

New slot sites for 2020 - List of the latest providers we have tested

The online casino industry is constantly changing. There are always new providers who want to assert themselves in the online casino market. And many are trying to stand their ground against other providers without any licenses.

You should now be able to distinguish a severe site from a dubious based on the already mentioned characteristics and criteria.

New providers, however, in addition to the many other competitors, also have a difficult time standing up against already old-established online casinos.

In addition to an attractive welcome bonus, they usually offer various VIP offers or other specials tailored to different games. Here are a few of the newest providers on the online casino market, which but also bring with the security that an online casino should have.

If you want, you can read even more to severe online casinos in Canada on our subpage test.

250+ 200% up to € 500+ 20 free spins 2007 PLAY CASINO
600+ € 500 bonus+ 70 free spins 2015 PLAY CASINO
1300+ 1000 € + 50 free spins 2017 PLAY CASINO
800+ 1000 € + 100 free spins 2018 PLAY CASINO

Conclusion: fraud theoretically possible, but practically impossible

We have ensured that only the best and most secure online casino providers are listed on our site, which is also fully licensed and regulated by the most prestigious authorities. Every single casino on our website has been fully tested, so we can guarantee that you will have the best online casino experience.

Frequently asked questions​

As we have already explained to you above, there are various aspects you need to pay attention to when choosing a provider. Whether it is the license that the provider has been granted or even authorities who control the payout rate of the individual slots at regular intervals – follow our suggestions on how you can more easily recognize a trusted slot site. So you have the security to stay away from dubious online casinos.

There is no real strategy to follow when playing online casino slots. Of course, you can adjust your playing behavior based on the type of slot you are playing, unlock different features with the Scatters or Wilds, and change your bets. But a strategy that you can follow concretely to win, there is not. Ultimately, all games should be fair, and the winnings are left to chance.

This can only be answered very subjectively because different slots can please one player and the other less. Nevertheless, it can be said that the slots we have talked about here are all of the high quality and guarantee you a safe and fair play.

There is no specific best online casino. There is too much competition in the market, where everyone tries to be better than the others in various aspects. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a look at different sites and ask yourself what is important to you now with an online casino provider. That’s why we have presented several providers that are tailored to different preferences.

In games like Blackjack, some strategies can help you increase your chances of winning. However, in slot games, RNG’s ensure that your chances of winning are all based on your luck. However, it should be noted that some games will often guarantee you several smaller winnings, while others will offer you bigger winnings. The latter is less common.

While a casino will always have the upper hand over the player, it is still possible to win. The trick is simply to enjoy the game itself, have fun, know when to stop, and not always want to strive for bigger winnings.